Staff guidance document – Safety Procedures at Con Ed

10th June 2020

We are monitoring procedures and will update these guidelines as and when necessary.

As a fundamental guideline, Con Ed staff will comply with any rules of the individual school they are visiting.

On arrival at the school Con Ed staff will not let themselves in to the school building (unless there is no-one at reception). On arrival they will check with the school office to see if there are any restrictions/compliance which need to be adhered to.

Con Ed staff are advised to:

  • Wash hands (or sanitise) on arriving and leaving every building
  • Avoid touching the face
  • Use tissues for coughs or sneezes followed up by safe disposal and hand washing
  • Maintain a 2-metre separation gap where possible from all other people, including other members of the Con Ed team
  • When indoors and at close proximity to other people, wear a face mask where possible.

In addition, to this we have created team ‘bubbles’ so that there are normally no more than two members of Con Ed staff working together in a bubble, with little or no mixing of bubbles. This reduces the possibility of cross infection for the team and the school.