Web Services


We are able to provide cost effective and feature rich web hosting services for school website on our secure and reliable hosting server. Additionally, we can offer bespoke website designs and developments based on individual requirements. We use our in-house CMS package, RedRocket WebApps, with all of our websites. Schools who subscribe to the annual Telephone and Remote Support option, receive a complimentary annual license for use with their existing website. Examples of websites design by Con Ed:

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Many school use programs like Dreamweaver to manage and update their website. A major disadvantage of this is that the users must always use a machine that has the relevant software install with suitable trained staff. This is a recipe for a bottleneck and an outdates school website. RedRocket WebApps is our in-house website content management system (CMS) which offers many features:

  • Web pages can be updated from any machine using the Internet browser and a secure login.
  • The simple text editor allows users to edit pages with ease including the ability to insert tables and images.
  • The website can be integrated with the school server – this means users can place files such as photos in specific folders on the server, and within a few minutes have it appear live on the website.


We recommend Microsoft’s Office365 (formerly Live@EDU) email system. We support this and other email systems, such as Google Mail and RM Easymail. Migration services are available to schools who wish to move to Office365 with minimum disruption. We can also setup additional domain systems for pupils to use with Google for Education, allowing automated account management and segregation from the main school email system.