​Deploy High-Performance Devices for Your School Without Wiping Out Your Budget

Affordable Access to High-Performance Devices for Education

The need to provide the best possible equipment for teachers and students is often at odds with the need to reduce costs and make sure your IT team isn’t overstretched supporting classrooms full of complicated devices. But laptops and tablets are becoming an intrinsic part of the classroom, so schools need to provide high-performance devices that allow their students to experience that modern learning environment.

There’s just one potential roadblock: the cost of many of these devices is climbing. IDC estimated that the average purchase price for a new laptop was £590 in 2020; simply not affordable for many schools when you need to buy 30 or more in one go. So how do you upgrade your school’s technology affordably?

Chromebooks for Education

A Chromebook is a versatile, user-friendly device that’s ideal for educational settings – and much more affordable than most comparable devices. Selecting a Chromebook means your outlay can be as much as 53% lower per device.

For many schools, this means the opportunity to extend access to more students – supplying enough for multiple classes to use laptops at once, for example – or it can allow the school to operate using a smaller tech budget without limiting their education environment.

Cost Over Three Years:
Purchase, Deployment, and Long-Term Maintenance

-IDC, The Economic Value of Chromebooks for Education

Affordability Doesn’t Mean You Compromise on Performance

With Chromebooks, a smaller price tag doesn’t come at the cost of performance. Google’s devices are packed with robust hardware, automatically updated software, and powerful tools designed to make learning simpler and more engaging. IT maintenance is expensive – and the workload only piles up the longer devices run. Chromebooks with Chrome Education Upgrade are designed for simplicity, dramatically cutting down on the expensive personnel-hours you need to spend on deploying and maintaining the devices and supporting users.

Google users reported Chromebooks taking 59% less time to manage than comparable devices, freeing teams to focus on more valuable maintenance and upgrade work for other vital school systems. Chrome Education Upgrade makes this maintenance even simpler, providing a central cloud-based management console that allows you to set policies, push out updates, and handle access. The upgrade also links you up to 24×7 tech support from the experts at Google – for no extra cost.

74% Less deployment time

62% Less frequent reimaging

55% Less unplanned outages

76% Less frequent rebooting

73% Less time to reboot

-IDC, The Economic Value of Chromebooks for Education

Deploy ChromeOS Flex to Get More Out of Your Existing Devices

There’s no need to sunset usable desktops, laptops or tablets when you switch to Chromebooks. You can install ChromeOS Flex across your existing fleet of PC, Mac, and even Linux devices, helping you maximise your investment by extending their lifespan and potentially reducing initial spend on new devices. Plus, you can ensure your whole school benefits from a unified teaching and learning experience.

Schools can purchase, deploy, and operate Chromebooks at a 57% lower cost over three years.

-IDC, The Economic Value of Chromebooks for Education

Explore Chromebooks with Chrome Education Upgrade

When you introduce Chromebooks at your school, your students are joining more than 30 million others worldwide who are already benefiting from better educational experiences. In short, you can provide the best tools for learning while managing your budget and long-term costs effectively.

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