How to create a simple assignment in Google Classroom

  1. Open Google Classroom via the waffle, or go to and select your classroom

2. Click the Classwork tab

3. Click Create > Assignment

4. Upload an existing task, or create one directly within classroom

5. Choose how pupil see the assignment

Student can view file – this is a view only copy
Students can edit file – this allows all students to collaborate on the same document
Make a copy for each student – this creates a copy of the document for each student

6. Assign the work by clicking on Assign button

tip: you can schedule the assignment to appear at a later date by clicking the drop-down button and select “schedule”

7. When Pupil logs into Classroom, and click the Classwork tab they will see the assignment.

8. When work is completed, they click TURN IN  to hand the work back to teacher

9. Teacher can see how many pupils have handed work in

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