Maximising Tech Investments to Maximise Student Potential

The economic headwinds are shifting, and that has many schools looking at their edtech investments with fresh eyes.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many were forced to invest in new tools and solutions for learning at home – with limited time for discernment. As the situation has progressed, the focus has become more on optimising tech that may prove indispensable.

But you can’t begin maximising your investment until you first decide which edtech is worth the hype. Use these best practises as a yardstick to see how the options measure up.

Evaluate Anything That Promises to Be ‘The Next Big Thing’

It’s ok to be wowed by a futuristic-sounding tool. There are some genuinely impressive capabilities emerging in edtech. Still, not all of them live up to their bright, shiny promises.

Even forward-thinking schools need to carefully assess the product’s promises and give an honest enquiry as to whether their classrooms are ready. It could be that not all will benefit from it quite yet. There’s nothing that says you need to be an early adopter if you’re unsure about a piece of tech.

Invest in Tech that will Last

Said plainly: Don’t cut corners, or you’ll likely end up spending more money in the long run. Instead of constantly repairing and replacing devices or having to pay huge ransomware sums because your security fell short, think ahead.

It all starts with the right device.

Chromebooks are built for your specific education needs. This range of simple yet powerful devices, a staple of any modern classroom, features built-in accessibility and security features to deepen classroom connections and keep user information safe. They’re also optimised for video conferencing, coding, and content creation, essential skills that are sure to follow students well into the future.

In addition to a high-powered device, your school may also find long-term value in:

  • Cutting-edge computing
  • Cloud services
  • Data-driven instruction tools
  • Adaptive learning AI

Once you have these components in place, it all comes down to asset management if you want to extend their life cycle.

Do Your Research

While you might not need the shiniest new piece of tech, poke around before investing in business as usual. There might be a new piece of tech that will take learning and teaching to the next level.

Not sure where to start? Lean on one of these resources to guide your learning research:

Especially when time and resources are limited, vetting and then amplifying classroom tools is the best way to optimise their performance. Taking this intentional approach can return positive rewards for learners and educators alike.

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