Selecting the right Chromebook for your school, staff, and students

Chromebooks aren’t like other laptops. They run Chrome OS, an operating system made by Google. With Chromebooks, educators and students can deepen classroom connections and foster more meaningful learning experiences, from anywhere, anytime. Read more on how you can find the right device for you, your students, and staff.

Basic Classroom UseLearning AnywhereAdvanced Use
Shared student devices
Web browsing
Google Workspace or browser based classwork
Assignments and testing
Classroom and distance learning devices
Supports multiple browser tabs, Google Workspace, concurrently with video conferencing with 15+ participants
Teachers, staff, higher education, secondary school devices
Recommended for heavy workloads including content creation/editing, coding, running apps in virtualised environments
Supports heavy multitasking (large video calls with 15+ participants, multiple browser tabs, Google Workspace, external monitors/displays)

Use our wayfinding guide

In 2020 the pandemic changed the way schools use Chromebooks. To meet the existing, and new needs of our customers, Google developed a wayfinding guide to help their customers find the right Chromebook for their use case.

Identify the primary use case, or how the device will be used.
Map out the device specifications required for these use cases.
Make recommendations for devices that meet these needs.
Compare across the device ecosystem and find the right device.
AUE: Auto update expiration
You can find information about Auto update expiration for your devices here. Devices listed on the following pages have AUE of 2026 or more
Connected devices
Devices with LTE/5G SKUs have been marked with an icon
Zero-touch enrollment
For the most updated list of devices enabled for zero-touch enrollment, reference here
Devices that support Parallels
The recommended hardware specifications for Parallels are available here. Devices eligible for Parallels is available to reference here
Supported peripherals
Works With Chromebook is a peripherals certification program ensuring compatibility across all makes of Chromebook devices. Here is the list of certified peripherals across various categories including Headsets, webcams, mice, external storage, cables & adapters, wall chargers and others.

New features to get things done fast

Quicker access to what’s important

The new Screen Capture tool in your Quick Settings menu lets you take precise screenshots and screen recordings without needing to remember keyboard shortcuts. Your media controls are also now built directly into the Quick Settings menu, so you’ll always know where to go to play, pause or skip to the next song that you’re playing from the web or an Android app.

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