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Chromebook with Chrome Education Upgrade

With schools across the UK steadily increasing their digital maturity and implementing more EdTech, decision-makers are starting to build a detailed understanding of what their teachers and students will benefit from most. Technology is meant to make teaching easier. But if you’re using the wrong devices, unoptimised apps, or a difficult-to-manage operating system, it can make your work infinitely harder.

Chromebooks, powered by ChromeOS and designed for flexibility and simplicity, are the perfect option for schools that want to give their educators and students all the benefits of technology in the classroom – with none of the drawbacks. More than 50 million students and educators trust Chromebooks and ChromeOS to facilitate their learning environment. Here’s why.

Simple for Students

Everyone approaches learning a little differently – and with technology on your side, it’s easier than ever to accommodate those differences. There are suitable Chromebooks for every age and every level of ability, packed with purpose-built educational apps for every subject and lesson plan.

Each student can personalise their Chromebook profile to match their needs and the way they work best, giving them a tailor-made learning experience. There’s no complicated onboarding process – it’s easy for students to log on, get set up, and start learning. And because that profile is stored in the cloud, all those tweaks are available when they switch devices too.

Simple for Educators

Adapting a teaching style for all the individual students in a class can be a daunting task. Chromebooks are adaptable, loaded with all the tools and apps your teachers need to deliver engaging lessons for everyone.

Teachers can use the Chromebook App Hub to find the apps that suit their students and share them with their fellow educators, helping other classes explore the tools and learning content they need to thrive.

Simple for IT teams

Keeping devices up and running, keeping students safe online, keeping vital school systems functional – there’s always a new challenge in educational IT. Chromebooks with ChromeOS are designed to make maintaining and managing a fleet of devices faster and easier, especially when combined with the Chrome Education Upgrade.

With over 500 ready-built security and deployment policies, Chromebooks with ChromeOS are easy to secure and manage. The Chrome Education Upgrade adds the Google Admin console to the mix, providing a centralised tool for full fleet oversight wherever devices are being used.

IT Teams Can Remotely Roll Out Policy Changes and Updates for Every Device at Once

And, they can manage access without needing to get hands-on with every device, ensuring only verified users can log on – and preventing students from stumbling on restricted sites along the way. Plus, background updates install the latest features and security upgrades every six weeks, minimising the amount of manual updating.

ChromeOS Flex lends the features and flexibility of a Chromebook to other devices, including PCs, Macs, and even Linux machines. That gives IT teams just one OS to deal with, simplifying policy changes and troubleshooting.

500+ security and deployment policies are available with a single click, pre-built and ready to protect devices and students.

-IDC, The Economic Value of Chromebooks for Education

Easy to Use Across Every Educational Environment

When you introduce Chromebooks at your school, your students are joining more than 30 million others worldwide who are already benefiting from better educational experiences. Chromebooks, ChromeOS, and Chrome Education Upgrade work together to simplify the technology part of the equation, so your educators and students can focus on teaching and learning.

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