Toolkits & Training to Help Your School Adopt Chromebooks

There is a myriad of reasons why you should transition your school to Chromebooks, including strengthened security, improved collaboration, and simplified classroom management.

However, introducing new technology to your school community can create a number of challenges. It’s important to educate students, teachers, and admin on what is changing and help them acquire the skills they need to thrive with the new technology.

How to Adopt Chromebooks for Your School Community

The Google for Education team has created several educational resources so you can help your community adapt, adopt, and sustain a productive environment for education.

Among these is their EDU in 90 video series, with each short episode focusing on an important topic for educators, administrators, and school leaders. Topics include product updates, new programs, and helpful resources for the classroom.

To ensure your staff, educators, and students can easily adopt this new technology, Google has created a proven process called the Chromebook Adoption Framework. The three-step process helps you clearly communicate with your community, educates them on the skills they need to take on the change, and teaches them about other valuable resources.

Chromebook Adoption Framework

Make sure they understand what’s changing and why they should be part of it.

Get Your Team Excited About Chromebooks

Before introducing the new technology to your students and staff, create a transition plan. Make a list of everyone who will be using Chromebooks, how this will impact their day-to-day activities, and what skills would most benefit them. Come up with a clear communication plan to generate excitement and to let those impacted know about the change beforehand.

You’ll need to tailor each device with apps and features that meet the needs of each user group, so starting this process with plenty of time to plan is critical. Think through staff, educators, and students to determine which users will require Chromebooks and which will be allowed to choose their devices.

Help them acquire the skills required to take on the change.

Enable Your Teams to Get Up & Running

Keeping your teams up to date with best practices and advice that will help familiarise them with their new device is a great way for them to get started. Google for Education has created content such as a Getting Started Guide, Tips & Tricks Guide, and Educator’s Toolkit that can help set your team up for success.

These tools will allow your school community to be more efficient on their devices by learning various shortcuts and quick how-tos. Be sure to offer the one-page toolkit with your teams so they can access training courses and share FAQs with their own students.

Teach them about other Chromebook programs and get up to speed using additional resources.

Arm Your Teams With Helpful Resources

Give your teachers everything they need to do in-house repairs to devices in their classroom so there’s never any down time. This also helps the devices stay in service longer, minimising the amount of e-waste.

Teaching your educators about other Chromebook programs is another way to help them succeed with their new devices.

Not sure Chromebooks are the right choice for your institution? We want to ensure that you can make an informed decision about your EdTech investment. Contact us to learn more about available test drive options as well as ChromeOS Flex, the free-to-download operating system that allows users to modernise their existing devices and experience the benefits of Chrome OS on PCs and Macs.

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