Installing/Upgrading Target Tracker Sims Report Template

Download the template

Browse to the website and click on “ Data Extraction”. Click on the current “ template for Target Tracker” link to download the template as highlighted in the picture below

tt template download v2

After downloading the file will need to be unzipped. Do this by double clicking the zipped folder and then clicking Extract All Files. Make a note of where the file is being extracted to and then follow the instructions.

From the example pictured above, the extracted file would be called “TT_V15_Pupil_Update.RptDef”
To import the template

From the Main Screen in select Reports – Import report as pictured below:

import template v2

Click the Open button and browse to the location of the template file as pictured below. This will be the location we noted before after unzipping, click on the file and click Open.

import template open v2

Click on the Import button to Import the file. When imported close this window. The report template will now be available from SIMS reports.

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