Transform Your School with Chromebooks

Chromebooks allow teachers to educate students even when they aren’t in the same room together. Chromebooks include accessibility right out of the box, unlocking learning experiences for students with diverse needs, abilities, and learning styles.

This means that Chromebooks can seamlessly access Google Workspace for Education’s productivity and collaboration tools, as well as apps available in the Chromebook App Hub, Google Play Store, and content across the entire web.

Managed access puts IT in control of what users access

Simplified deployment gives IT access to device policies

Advanced security ensures school data is always safe

24/7 IT admin support at no additional cost

Open a world of opportunities.

With Chromebooks, schools around the world are investing in their students’ futures through next-generation learning technology that fits easily within their budgets.

lower cost per device
lower total cost of ownership
less management per device
Source: IDC, “The economic value of Chromebooks for education”, January 2020

Start transforming your school with Chromebooks

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Ideal for one-on-one environments, these Chromebooks can be sent home with students to extend learning beyond the classroom. Discover devices optimised for large video conference calls, note-taking, and running productivity applications simultaneously.

At-a-glance features

  • Best for classroom and distance learning
  • Use with Google Workspace for Education and video conferencing concurrently
  • Minimum system requirements: 4GB RAM, CPU (Intel: Celeron N4020 / 4100 / 4120 / 4500 / 5000 / 5100 / 6000, AMD: Athlon 3050C, 3150C, 3015Ce, MTK: 8183 / 8192, QC: 7c)

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